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Color Coated Mamas 

What started as a fun hobby, Color Coated Weddings & Events has since turned into a thriving partnership between two Mommy friends. 

Adrianna brings the vision and flare and Kayla brings the execution and design.  These cool moms work hard to bring their couple's vision to life all while having a good time.  They have one goal, to get their couple down the aisle, stress free and beautiful. 



About Adrianna 

​Twin Mommy working double time to give her clients the most memorable experience possible. After years of planning friendly gatherings and corporate events, she has since established herself in the industry by employing her knowledge in Communications and Theatre organizing and carrying out her clients grand vision while maintaining their specialized budget.

 Adrianna loves Broadway musicals and plays, and always looking for an excuse to travel!


About Kayla  

Not only can she sell you a house, but she can throw you a good party too!


After nearly a decade in Wedding Photography, this #RealEstateMom of two utilizes her people skills and experience to help organize and structure the day, while keeping everything picture perfect. 

Kayla loves kiddo playdates, home projects, hiking & camping, and meeting friends for coffee!

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